Byron bay’s wave of life network chiropractic helps you to reset your nervous system.

Andrew’s unique blend of traditional chiropractic adjustments is augmented with a vast knowledge of the bodies energetic systems. You will be shown how to find, release and integrate tension stored in your body. This is a skill you will learn over a series of visits and have for the rest of your life.



At Wave of Life, Andrew Badman practices a gentle method of Chiropractic that follows the principals of Network Care and Bio-Geometric Integration (BGI). Activating areas of the body where stress and tension is anchored stimulates the body’s natural desire to move and breathe to restore a sense of connection and wellbeing.

I am not a regular Chiropractor.

My aim? Your body does everything you ask of it.

Physically and energetically I assess and open new levels of awareness to help find and release body-mind blockages caused by trauma, emotional, physical, chemical, and mental belief patterns. Pain is linked to parts of your body you may compensate for, or twist out of shape. I scan head to toe, assessing your internal architectures for distortions, lack of fluidity and holding patterns. As you start to open up, amazing things happen. Memories from your first injury or flood of pent up emotions, occur. This always feels appropriate, like you’ve been waiting for it to happen. Clearing old patterns makes energy move through the body and regain physical fluidity. You may feel different levels of connection, like you’re ‘back in your body’ again. People often put their hands in prayer, look me in the eye and say “Thank You” or “Namaste… the God in me honours the God in you.’

Andrew practices chiropractic through the framework of Bio-Geometric Integration (BGI), a model developed by Dr. Susan Brown. Dr. Brown is one of the most advanced thinkers in the chiropractic world, and her method of adjusting uses some of the most advanced concepts of modern science, as well as incorporating her own discoveries of the innate geometry of the body. It is a subtle method, suitable for all ages and conditions.

Andrew is also qualified to the highest level in Network Spinal Analysis.


We recognise there is some type of higher intelligence in the body. It coordinates your growth repair and healing. It regulates It allows you to walk, talk and do all the amazing things you do often without even having to think about it. If you look all our challenges in life, it’s all an opportunity for us to LEARN GROW AND EVOLVE. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger IF you fully process it, IF you integrate that stressful event IF your nervous system comes out of survival back to being open and relaxed, that’s exactly what happens. Your physiology actually gets stronger and learns to emotionally and mentally evolve to a more resilient and stronger you


Low Back


Your Body Is Meant To Be Your Vehicle For FUN! You know your body pretty well. You may feel like something is not working properly, sometimes its not even painful but something’s not right.
At some point in your life, you’ve had a physical injury, and you bounced back, but not completely. You might feel like the pain is spreading from one area to another. You think, “it will probably go away” but it hasn’t.
You’re starting to feel a bit fragile, physically and maybe even emotionally, like you’re not as robust and strong as you used to be.

Sometimes you feel like you can fix your own body, but you just don’t know how… When you’re in pain, the most common thing to do is to stop doing things that make it worse. Often, they are the activities that you love to do most, that make you feel alive and full of life.You start taking the standard pain-killers like Ibuprophen or Paracetamol, and maybe remedial massage or acupunture. They all give you some relief, but you know it’s possible to heal yourself and get back to doing the things you love to do…

It IS possible to live free of pain and have fun in a stable, mobile body. Often we feel physical pain in the joints and muscles, but the source of the pain can be some distance from where it is felt. When we focus entirely on the pain, the cause is often overlooked… When we experience pain, our nervous system responds and the body locks up and shuts down to manage the pain. This response helps us to continue using our bodies, despite the physical, emotional or mental trauma that has occurred… like an adrenalin rush allows you to run faster when your life is in danger. When your body is in this state, no amount of massage will address the problem as your body’s defenses are locked in place.



* Initial Consultation
Adults (standard)$120
Concession (2 years & above)$110
Children (2 years & above$90
If parent receiving at least monthly care$55
If parent not receiving care$70
* 2nd Visit (SRI Breathing & NSA Adjustment)
Adults (standard)$85
* Regular Visit
Adults (standard & concession)$60
(Pension or Health Fund)$55
If parent receiving at least monthly care$45
If parent not receiving care$50
If parent receiving at least monthly care$25
If parent not receiving care$50
* SRI Class
This is a 2 hour class on Somatic Respiratory Integration (SRI), reconnecting brain and body through breath, touch and movement$85

10 Visit Plans

Standard ($55 per visit) $550

Concession ($50 per visit) $500

Plans are to be paid in advance, and ideally completed within 4-8 weeks. If for any reason you need to end the plan before completion, we will refund your balance, less the adjustments you have received, charged at the standard rate.

* Missed @ Full Price

* 24 Hours: $20



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* Missed @ Full Price

* 24 Hours: $20